Wednesday, 23 January 2013

fragment memories

Check shirt: Primark
Skater skirt: £5 from a shop in Crewe
Belt: £1 from charity shop
Creepers: £17 from Ebay
Necklace: D.I.Y
Fishnet tights: £3 from Ebay
Rings and things: SALE jewellery of course ;)

Hello guys, I'm backkk!
Sorry for the delay of outfit posts college has been manic so far and I have had to seriously up my game. So it looks like I am putting Uni off ANOTHER year but I am taking a 1 year photography course to help support my UCAS next year when I apply for LCF.
London is my dream and I will not settle for anything less!
So this is a punk inspired outfit post because I love me some punk influence and I had to wear this new skirt I bought the other day!
I have also been spending WAY to much money on Ebay and throughly been taking advantage of the money in my piggy bank. OOPS.
I also got a tattoo for my 19th birthday present and I LAV LAV LAVVVVEEE IT :)

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