Thursday, 26 July 2012

A/W 2012 MIISTA: Electric Witches

I first found out about this spectacular footwear brand when I was browsing through my company magazine awhile ago. As soon as I set my eyes upon the Batilda's. And Oh. My. God. That very moment is when I began my footwear frenzy. They are not just shoes, but the holy grail of fashion forward art. I simply had to have a pair and although they are rather pricey you would be getting a pair of  high-quality and the next new blogger shoe that you will remember when you are 64 years old. They are not just shoes.
I haven't had the opportunity to purchase a pair yet as I missed the 'cheaper tweet' campaign they launched in January which when I found out I CRIED FOR DAYS. They were selling at the end of this campaign Miista shoes for as cheap as £1!!! And this was when I came back from my birthday holiday!! BOO.
But after seeing this A/W collection of Electric Witches I am now saving (collecting pennies as I type) for ALL of them. Yes, I maybe in debt after this but surely it will be worth it?
Men obviously do not understand the concept of shoes but us women know that a pair of shoes simply create an outfit and without them we would look like a cross between homeless hobo and if we can pull it off a bare-footed hippy. Which will clearly look wrong if you are out and about...

Anyway, enough of my gabbing I now present to you ELECTRIC WITCHES:

WARNING: Severe cases of shoe madness, may last for a couple of weeks until after purchase (Not guaranteed).

Words and actions cannot even begin to express how much I love how they styled this shoot!!
Its a impeccable combination of victorian gothic, 90's clueless, pagan and masculine elements, throw in boy george and his karma chameleon, add a sprinkle of bohemien hippy with a teaspoon of futuristic punk and you got yourself the electric witch collection.
I am so intrigued and get excited everytime my eyes fall upon this lookbook that I am going to have to hunt down the stylist and ask to work for them!


Sarah Harradine said...

Babes I have a pair of Miistas for sale on eBay right now, cheap cheap!

Like 25 of your blog posts have just appeared in my Google Reader so I am looking forward to reading through!

S P I R I T W O L F said...

ARGH, on a mission now to ebay! teheh!!