Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So the Easter holidays are over and it is back to reality of college...
I do enjoy college as I don't see it as a burden but more like a hobby, especially sketchbook work and researching designers.
Over the holidays I completed pages on my progress for the new brief which id building up to create my garment. I did a lot more research to inspire me for this garment as we don't do a collection until the second year.
What I decided to do was scrap the combintaion of cultures as I found that too many designers focus on this and I wanted to do something outside the box and bring something new to the table.
Before, I combined the mexican 'Day of the Dead' culture with the ancient Egyptains. I found it hard and it wasn't showing off the best of my ability so over 2 weeks I went back to my original Day of the Dead thread and found inspiration from burlesque pin-up girls, aesthetics, mirrors, arcitecture and lots more.
I will post images of my sketchbook to show how the flow of my work proceeds and links with the Day of the Dead.
I also researched into Fashion Designers and how they create a story/message/theme for their collection.
This furthur influenced me to create a deep meaning for my garment and to show this visually to my audience.
After reading about Alexander McQueen's 'Highland Rape' collection, I though how he expressed his colection was genuis. Dressing the models to look as if they had been raped by rips, blood splatters and messed hair created the image of a literal rape but in fact the story was focused on the 'rape' between Scotland and England and how they fought for their indepence.

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