Wednesday, 7 September 2011

what week?


If I was there, my goodness gracious I would be hyperventilating!
Of course, I would clear my schedule and visit Vivienne Westwood Red label collection. Her designs are so fun, imaginative and playful. They remind of me being a little girl and how I would dress my barbies and walk around wearing my hair in pigtails. The way she portrays her collections make you feel in a fantasy world of unicorns and flying pigs yet she designs the shape in such a feminine and grown-up way.

Vivienne Westwood Red label : Saturday 16th September 18:00

I am a fan of Topshop clothing although Topman appeals to me more in the way I dress. I Like to dress quite feminine but Topman clothing have the whole unisex thing going on. Some of their clothing looks inspired by some women's clothing and they seem more laid back yet up to date with the tee's, jumpers and accessories. It would be quite interesting to see the collection at London fashion week, especially for this A/W '11 trends.

Topman Design: Wednesday 21st September 12:30 MENSWEAR

HENRY HOLLAND. One of the many fabulous god's I worship in fashion. With a taste of delicious british fashion, House of Holland create beautiful prints with the love of bold and delightful colours splashed like fairydust and magic on clothing.

House Of Holland: Saturday 17th September 16:00

So Jel.

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