Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Indian winter anyone?

Hello Lavlies!

I havent posted everyday, so that will be one of my new years resolutions!
Wanted to say a quick hello and say a few things.
First, I love this weather but I want snow! I love to wrap up in lots of wooley layers and sit next to the fireplace (which I want in our house) with a hot cocoa and watching the snow outside listening to christmas songs! I love the fall fashion with the burgundys, jewel colours and tartan prints. The loafers and horse saddle boots, eccentric sweaters and the classical leather jacket will be in my wardrobe this winter.
I have dip dyed my hair again with Jeremy Russell Bblonde, the first time it clearly went ginger (my luck) but blonde the second time and I lurveee it. Just wish my hair was longer!! Any tips on how to grow hair long??
I also have my eye on topshop lipsticks including the black and lilac ones, I love experimenting with make-up and being a bit weird. They have alot of beautiful clothes at topshop at the moment so check it out.

Lots of love,


2 Mates and a Blog said...

your hair is pretty lush!

Dan x

Milysan said...

Hello fab lipstick! I just wore one similar to this called "rosary" by Kat Von D to one of the LA Fashion Week events. Looks goood on you doll!