Sunday, 8 January 2012

Smile and wave, boys

Hello lovlies!

I will be 18 tomorrow and I am soooo excited!!
Legally being able to buy alcohol will be pretty goood when I go up to the bar and flash my ID. ;)
But I will be getting my amazingly beautiful new camera and shall FINALLY be able to take decent images for you all! EAK. I absolutly love photography but haven't been able to express it very well with no money and with a distrasously awful camera phone.

I fake tanned for the first time EVER today and oh deary me did it make flowers droop and birds fall from the sky in disgrace.
I had WHITE knees, orange feet and which I only found out being wonderfully pointed out by my mother streaky back legs! I think the only thing I did right was ma belly. It has a certain toned look to it (THANKGOD) and my face is glowing instead of being deathly pale and a member of the Cullen coven.
Yes, a twilight comment, slightly addicted...

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


infinitymilk said...

happy birthday for tomorrow! i hope to see you down Debees if you venture there :) xxx

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

how exciting! happy birthday lovely! x

Joyce said...

Happy almost Birthday! yay for getting a new camera :) and ID

NikkiStar said...

Aww Happy Birthday, have a good day!


British Birdie... said...

Thank you all!! :D xx