Thursday, 19 January 2012

Crave | Goldie top from Topshop

This is to me the hold grail of clothing. It's leather, it is a corset and has the beautifully inspired medieval cross opening. What more could you possibly want?!
But if your like me and refuse to spend over £30 for one item of clothing then this will either be an investment buy OR NOT! More like DIY and make your own leather corset top!
I am going to make this a steady project for the next few weeks. 
I have the equipment such as eyelets and that but I do need to take a trip to Abakhan fabrics to buy a similar look leather which is quite thick and not a flimsy material. 
I will document my progress (god forbid) and if it turns out well I shall make it DIY if not then well...
There is no buts, I WILL post it!

Will post a daily outfit later,
See you soon!

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jazxo said...

Mentioned you in my favourite bloggers post :) check it out! xo