Wednesday, 18 January 2012

All things stripy:Outfit numero #28

I apoligize for the dazed out look. Flash on camera makes me eyes all funny...

Striped shirt: 30p from jumble sale (DIY CUT UP)
Denim jacket: £4.50 from charity shop
Leather trousers: £4.99 from charity shop
Bowler hat: £2 from charity shop
Stag necklace: £1 form Primark
Brogues: £20 from Primark
Braces: £1 from charity shop

Hello lovlies!

I didn't post yesterday but I did take images of my outfit for youu. :D
I sat in A&E for like 6 hours and found out I was fine after been prodded and poked with needles and nearly fainting at th fact I had a tube in my arm! ARGH.
Anyway, it is wednesday DIY day but instead of having a certain day I shall post them throughout the week because I have so many I want to share with you guys!
I have pattern cutting tomorrow and am starting to make a shirt which I am really excited about! Nic (my tutor) also does a session on thursday lunch about how to set up your own business and since I missed last weeks (Not happy) I am looking forward to tomorrow's session!

I have ALOT of work to be doing this week as I have a deadline on tuesday so I will post as much as possible but probably won't ramble on for you all. (Which is probably a good thing...)

Looking forward to the weekend!

Love you all!


jazxo said...

Wonderful outfit! You look lovely. Glad to hear you were fine! xo

Dotty Dolly said...

Hey sweetie! Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment! Your blog and style is just gorgeous! Great to find someone who also shares a charity shop obsession! hehe

i'm now following! :) xxx

Josie said...

I love this! The trousers and shirt especially. Glad you're ok! xx