Friday, 20 January 2012

The new black:Outfit numero #30

This is a quick outfit post today as I am experimenting with ways to present my photos.
What do you think? Honest opinions! If you don't like please say! :D

Lots of love,


jazxo said...

I like this :) and your skirt/skirts are amazing! xo

Sabrina said...

Hey,thanks for commenting and following.Your blog is really cool.I follow you now !
xoxo Sabrina

British Birdie... said...

Thank you both! :D xxx

Mikhaela Cherry said...

i'm dying for your iron maiden's tshirt! it look gorgeous on you! u totally rock the whole look

followed :)


Lush Allure said...

I love the look :)xx

Joyce said...

I like the way you present your photos, it is unique and awesome :) Your skirt is so pretty, love how it's sheer at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Hello honey!!

Love your blog..
Just followed you:))