Thursday, 26 January 2012


I was supposed to post this yesterday but my silly laptop wouldn't let me upload the image!
Anyway, this is a daily outfit post.


Jessica Elizabeth said...

I cannot even express how much that irritates me: band tee's should be reserved for those that actually listen to the said band! I had a friend once that wore a Rolling Stones T-shirt, and after seeing him wear it for about two weeks straight I finally asked him what his favourite album of the stones was, to which he replied "Who are the Rolling Stones?".
There's a girl in my college who has a Morrissey T-shirt and doesn't know who Moz is, and so bought the t-shirt (because it's 'cool' now to like The Smiths...) and THEN went home and downloaded all of his music.
It really, really grinds on me. Nirvana has become a mere fashion accessory. I can't stand seeing their logo everywhere, on people who don't even know who they are. I grew up with their music and it means a lot to me. Kurt wouldn't be happy- these kids should just stick to their JLS!

Sorry for the rant hahahaa, I lovvve your take on the grunge look.
And I agree, Bleach is their best album. If I hear one more person claim they love Nirvana and immediately say Smells like Teen spirit/Nevermind is "like totally their favourite" I will shoot somebody!


jazxo said...

I totally agree what you've said about Kurt Cobain!
I love this outfit too :) xo

Sabrina said...

I love your outift,your bag is gorgeous.
xoxo Sabrina

Desiree Laidler said...

Great look!

British Birdie... said...

Thanks everyone! :D xxxx