Monday, 16 January 2012

Lousy brown:Outfit numero #27


Hello lovlies!

Today, it was -3 degrees this morning and nothing felt better than throwing on my snuggly high waisted ralph lauren jeans. I hardly ever wear jeans, or even trousers for that matter but teamed with this beauty of a tweed jacket WITH elbow pads (I cried while jumping up and down when a colleague gave me this for free!)
it was the perfect outfit.
At college, I had a photoshoot to style for based on Jo Brocklhurst's punk illustrations.

This was the image:

I had to prepare all the props and use my creative imagination (I beg to differ) to create my own interpretation of her work.
As Brocklehurst was highly inspired in the 80's punk movement I decided to create my planning on the rebellion of youth culture and how it changed fashion.
As expression of individualism became more common, more people (the sheep effect) wanted to be different as it was accepted among social groups to have a 'weird one' in the group who experimented with clothing and fashion. As this rebellion grew so did the fashion world and designers wanted to get involved with creating uniquely odd pieces of couture that would stand out amongst thesea of everyday trends of the 80's.

As designers started these trends so did everyone else and then individualism became known as punk which was and still is a trend based on gothic reference with splashes of paint/colour and daring fabrics such as leather and torn denim. Safety pins and holey fishnets were also a trend amongst the punks which are still seen today.

As I had a photographer to take these images with her flashy awesome camera and super special lighting I will post an image of my outcome of Jo Brocklehurst's work.

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Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! i have those boots =) xo


Kfedland said...

I love your blazer, the tweed print is amazing!