Sunday, 1 January 2012

Purchases/New Years Eve

1. B&W leggings £6 from Primark (NOT ON SALE!!)
2. Embroided paisley pattern bag £3 from Primark
3. Rose make-up bag £1 from Primark
4. Lip finity lip stain Maxfactor £7.99 from Boots
(I shall do a beauty post on this!)
5. Various rings and necklace all £1 from Primark
6. Mickey mouse PJ'S £3 from Primark!
7. Maxfactor tin (Free when spent over £15)

First, I must apoligize again for the poor camera quality! It is just shocking and quite frankly makes me want to cry! But, this may all change very soon as I am saving up for a Fuji finepix camera! EAAKK.

These are a few items I bought on New Years Eve from Primark and boots. I was very disappointed about the sales this year, I expected the whole shop to be on sale! Although, as a nutty bargain hunter I managed to grab a few decent bargains such as the PJ'S, bag and jewellery.

What did you think of the sales? Did you buy anything lovely at a decent sale price?

Lots of love,

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