Monday, 29 October 2012

Nothing else matters


DIY bleached shirt: 25p from charity shop
Tartan scarf: £2 from charity shop
Bag: £1 from charity shop
Tartan jacket: £2 from jumble sale
DIY necklace
Fur jacket: Old new look
Boots: £2.50ish from car boot
Fur, bleached denim and tartan were the main aspects of my outfit today.
I am SO MUCH in love with tartan and the jacket I am wearing cost £2 from a jumble sale!
I really love this weather, it is getting colder and darker nights where you sit by the fire drinking cocoa...Ahhhh.
Now all I need is a boyfriend pillow, boyfriends are too much trouble ;)


Beckie said...

I love all of these outfits! Like every single one of them! Can I just still your wardrobe please?! xx

Jen said...

<3 <3 <3

S P I R I T W O L F said...

Hahah Thank you lovlies!
Charity shopping gets you the best bargain gems :D xx