Friday, 9 March 2012

Music/Sky Ferreira

I found out about Sky Ferreira about a year or so ago and fell in love with not only her music but her wonderful voice.
This girl can create such amazing tunes using sad lyrics combined with dancy pop tunes.
This is the type of music that will stick in your mind you for a week and you cannot help but love the catchy tune!
If you watch Vampire Diaries then you would have briefly heard her song 'Obsession' which featured on Season 2 Episode 5 where Jeremy and Tyler have a mini party with two girls where one of them falls down the stairs!
Don't remember? Check here to refresh your memory...
I just had to share this with you, she NEEDS to be more well known!
I have a feeling she will take the UK by storm when people hear her music.

Also, she has incredible grunge style and if you know me well enough Sky is a girl after my own heart!

Take a listen:

Check out more of her music on her youtube channel.

Lots of love!

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