Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Inspiration/ The twins

If you can't tell I am IN LOVE with these gals!
Their make-up, their hair, their clothing...The list goes on.
THIS is how I want  my hair sooo bad, wavy and blonde. I am considering dying all my hair blonde, what do you think?
These twins can do bohemian chic to grunge mayhem and still look so effortlessly stylish. It's no wonder they have their own label The Row with a line of beautiful leather satchels, bespoke tailoring and the essential classics of the everyday wardrobe.
Oh, I daydream about owning every wonderful piece from the label, If only I became rich with a house made out of gold. I would sell that house for those spectacular pieces!

Now girls put your hands up if you want this bag!
Then...............Look at the price.
Shoulder Bag Lizard

Should I tease you more with clothing this time?!

Yetrull Dress

Ahhhhhhh, screams I hear!

Black Leather Oversized
One last piece?

Flinly Skirt

Right, I sware this will be the last.

Varston Top

OK, I cannot help myself!

AND I have left the website now before I do something daft like rob a bank and buy the whole fall collection.
These basic pieces have such beautiful tailoring that make them the modern day classic today and I can guarantee you would not find a garment as wonderfully put together like these.

So that DOES mean you primark. Don't dare try to copy these beauties for a knock-off!

I shall leave you on that high note where barely any of us can afford a stitch of cotton from that midi dress or the leather strap buckle off the satchel bag but we DO still have our creative minds and of course D.I.Y's which I haven't done in awhile because of college work. BUT shall get on that wagon as soon as I have finished this brief or might sneak a few cheeky D.I.Y's in before...
And if your reading this Nic don't worry, I shall be on it like a car bonnet with my work!

Lots of love!

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BTL said...

i love the olsen twins as well!

wanna follow each other?