Thursday, 1 March 2012

Inspiration/Karen Nicol

I am recently studying textile artists at college and briefly heard of Karen Nicol before but researching into her and her work in more depth I have fallen in love!

She specialises in embroidery and creates unique and wonderful pieces for example by updating a simple cardigan and then creating it into a dazzling garment which shows individuality and personality.
After reading a few interviews with her I found out that like me she barely shops high streets and love a good rummage at a car boot, charity shop and jumble sale and finds dull pieces of clothing and embroiding into it.
I am going to send my CV out to Karen Nicol as she is has a big influence on me.

She has inspired me with my D.I.Y's and I may have to do a post on the D.I.Y embroided bag that is simalar to hers but with my own personality. The one element that stood out to me of Nicol's work were the embroided bags that she recreated with humourous sayings and strange images with sewn on fabrics which I just love, especially the whole odd images part she has used on the bags!

Lots of love,

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