Thursday, 16 May 2013

Toile Diary: Kimono


  • I started off with a basic dress block.
  • I then traced around a sleeve block too.
  • I then adapted my pattern by slashing and spreading both the dress block and sleeve block. 
  • I then traced around these new patterns and added 1.5cm Seam Allowance. 
  • I placed my pattern pieces on fabric (back piece was cut on fold) and cut out.
  • I then machine stitched the shoulder seams together first and pinned in the sleeve.
  • I machine stitched the sleeve in the armhole. I then turned the garment inside out and sewed the sleeve and side seam. I then repeated this on the other side.

Design detail on kimono:

  • Firstly, I sampled my design with rope to create solid lines as I want the design to stand out on the catwalk. 
  • Secondly, I hand painted the design I wanted on the back of the kimono with fabric paint but due to the nap of the velvet the paint didn't settle or sit comfortably on the garment. 
  • I then created a stencil on which I still need to sample spray painting on the velvet.
  • If this doesn't work I will appliqué my design on the kimono. 

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