Sunday, 17 February 2013

MisFit Generation

Awkward arm pose...
Misfits Tee from charity shop: £4.50
Burgundy Trousers from Asos: Gift
Denim jacket from car boot: 50p!
90's Boots from charity shop: £1
This is an outfit I wore yesterday (as I am currently rocking the top knot, no makeup troll look on sunday) when I met up with a friend from uni.
The trousers are simalar to the disco pants but they are more tailored and look more flattering. I found when I wear my other black disco pants my delightful beer belly pops out to say hello and creates not very attractive lumps and bumps in ALL the wrong places...
But these ASOS pants have a sleek look with shine and a beautifully fitting cut.
So when my boyfriend surprised me with these I was overjoyed!
Guess guys can be useful aye! ;)
I also purchased these INCREDIBUBBLE 90's style boots which remind me of the gothic grunge Shirley Manson. Think black lipstick, layers of leather and lace with a tartan shirt hung loosely around the waist...
FOR £1! How could I possibly resist?!
Well, apprently you need money to pay for a phone bill...BUT £1. Come onnn, who's with me...? ;)
This misfits tee was also a rare find from a charity shop I purchased awhile ago while galavanting and prancing around like a mystical fairy bargain hunter.
On the left sleeve I hacked part of the sleeve because my wardrobe basically consists of rips, holes and seams put together with safety pins. Not suitable for a job interview or when you jump off the bus in a day dream and rip the whole side of your tshirt exposing your hideous £2 primark bra.
Classy bird.
I also customized my denim jacket with a couple badges but I am in desperate need of a thousand more and random ironic humerous patches...


Peace out.

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