Friday, 22 February 2013


Black chiffon shirt from charity shop: £1
High waisted shorts from charity shop: £1
Striped polo neck tee from charity shop: 25p!
Knock off Creepers eBay of course ;) £15
Hat from charity shop: £1
Well, it is one of those days wear you wear mainly black and white and for me that is quite unusual as I love a pop of colour in my outfits! If it wasn't for wearing my creepers the whole outfit I am wearing would have cost under £5! I do love my bargains and I am always on the hunt for individual pieces as high street doesn't fascinate me as much as old retro pieces with a story behind it.
Don't get me wrong I still buy certain items from high street like bags, shoes, accessories and clothing but with clothing it is more basic pieces like shorts and plain tshirts that I can rip, fringe,hack and braid together!
The long chiffon shirt kind of reminds me of a kimono but without the beautiful long sleeves so I am gonna add fringing onto the sleeves and bottom hem for a more interesting appearance.
You probably can't even tell in these images but I recently dyed my hair, yes it was supposed to go Blonde but when does home dying ever go smoothly!? It is slightly ginger but I quite like it, anyway gonna have to get used to it! My eyebrows majorly need tinting though....SCOUSE BROW NIGHTMARE.

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