Friday, 24 February 2012

Update/London Calling

I adore the silouhette that casts off this skeleton. This inspires me with my college brief at the moment which is based on ageism and linked with skeletons.

These clear-cut precise lines create smooth shapes that would be interesting to try by draping on a mannequin with fabric.

Hello lovlies!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile as I have been in London with college and words cannot describe how amazing it was!
On the first day we attended the V&A museum which was in many ways inspiring. The fashion part was closed but we all got to experience different cultures and traditions with areas of sculptures, paintings and beautiful pieces of art.
We spent awhile in there and then ventured to the natural history musuem which I found more influencial than the V&A. There were again so many places to explore but going through history and time made me think and discover new ideas in fashion. From textures to colours there was beyond so many magnificent things to develop into my collections at college and independent projects. I fell in love with the dinosaur exhibition which based on skeletons of the dinosaurs. I find skeletal objects fascinating as they show so many ideas you can use within a garment or accessory. With the texture and shadows they create, ideas can come from the smallest of inspirations.

The second day though, was beyond expections.
We spent half the day outside of Somerset house during LONDON FASHION WEEK.
Outside in the courtyard there were so many stylish people and it was amazing to spend time with people that had so much passion and love for fashion like I do. That day made me realise how much I want to be successful and acheive my dreams.
Having a taste of London fashion week was what kicked me into the reality of how fast pace and how exciting the fashion industry is and I want to experience it so badly!
I had my picture taken SO many times and found out yesterday I am on Italian Vogue's website!
I felt so honoured to be on such a influential and fashionable website as Vogue's. I am still in shock.

Scroll along until you find the gal with the gold dress and bright coloured jacket. ARGH! :)

Being in one of the fashion capitals of the world was so exhilarating, busy and I love the fact that we were always on the move discovering more places that I never knew existed!
This is the life I want to live and I will work so hard to push myself for this now!

These are only a few taster images, I have a few more to upload but I also want to post about a few on the A/W 2012 collections that I personally thought stood out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh to snuggle in a bed like that!


British Birdie... said...

It would be lovely! Was conseidering to jump on it but it is from the 1600's! DAYUM :)

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Sooo great photos!!!