Friday, 17 February 2012

D.I.Y/ Bomber Jacket

D.I.Y Bomber Jacket.
(excuse the shiny face...eaakk)

Hello lovlies!

I have been doing some good hard long thinking about my blog and I feel at the moment, what I am posting isn't really showing insight on who I am.
I do daily outfit posts because I see how well other blogs go down but I have days where I throw on my leggings (I refuse to have joggers!) and put my hair up, no make-up and slog around reading and working.
The days I have this is when I don't leave the house because when I do leave the house I LOVE to dress up completely theatrical and crazy because that is who I am!

I will carry on with outfit posts but it won't be every day but everything will focus on Vintage and vintage thrifts, D.I.Y's and latest fashion.

SO, a little bit about this post.
The bomber jacket is one of those statement pieces that MUST be part of your wardrobe this season.
Seen in Givenchy and Stella McCartney's collections the bomber jacket is officially back with sports luxe being another key trend this season.With a variety of scarf print, leather and eccentric prints it is impossible not to resist, I am in love!

I bought a 1m long scarf from an antique shop with an amazing bold print for only £1!
From this scarf I managed to create a jacket out of it with the features and style of the bomber.

  • 1m or 2m of either a scarf or bold print fabric.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • 2m of general/knitted elastic
  • Tacking pins
  • General jacket pattern(which you can adapt)

Step One:

Set out the jacket pattern you have on the scarf/fabric, this is called the layplan which shows the pattern pieces placed on the fabric/scarf.

When your happy with where the pieces are (Remember some pieces must be CUT ON FOLD)
tack pieces down with pins and then carefully cut out the pattern.

Step Two:

Start by sewing the shoulders together with both RIGHT sides together.

Again, with right sides together take the sleeve piece and tack to the garment.


When tacked with pins you can then sew the sleeve to where the armhole is and it will look like this.

You do this for both sleeves and then turn the garment inside out to sew the sides of the arm so your arm will fit in the sleeve with lots of room.

Hem the bottom of the garment and neck area.

Step Three:

To create the bishop style sleeve, on the sewing machine use the tacking stitch without back tacking around the cuff area.

Use one thread and pull to create ruched effect which gathers the cuff together.

Below are two examples, showing it gets tighter.

Do this for both and then measure the elastic around your wrist and sew this over the ruched cuff hiding the gathered part of the cuff inside.

Step Four:

The neck area is similar to creating the cuffs.

Measure the elastic on the length of the neck part of the garment and leaving 1cm of fabric at the ends where you will tuck this and hem for the opening of the jacket. 

Tack with pins the elastic on by doing what the image shows to create a sports jacket style neck.


YOu have your very own CHEAP version of the latest trend!

Lots of love,

P.S I have also made a metallic dress which I will post tommorrow!


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