Sunday, 12 February 2012

CRAVE/Cut-out boots

I have been lusting over these beauties for a while now and I know you way in hell I will be able to afford them. If you are willing to pay £60 or so go over to Topshop and BAM, WHAM you have them.
If like me your a fashion student or just cannot attempt to save this amount because you have an addiction to clothing and spend money like there is no tommorow and have an exciting almost scary thrill when you come across a vintage bargain in a charity shop then YNOT make them?!

Okay, I am not saying make shoes. Although, this would be a marvy idea if you are a shoe monkey genius then knock you socks off.
But, if you want a cheaper alternative to this then grab a pair of old boots (either your own or CHARITY SHOP) and start carving away.

I shall be making a D.I.Y post on this, I just need to find the bugger of a craft knife. I must have craft knive ghomes.

Sorry about the lack of posts, as I have racking my brains on what YOU guys want to read in a blog.
So, I have been MEGA researching and finding inspirations and STILL do not know.
Obviously, I should have asked you wonderful lot which I am doing now...
silly me...

Please comment and let me know what is it you LOVE to read on a blog or fashion-based blog.
Is it consistency or mixing it up a little?

Oh, and if you haven't watched 'Chalet girl' GET OWN IT.
Obvs, it is a little predictable but I love the whole ironic and sarcastic humour of Felicity Jones.
She brings a sense of British humour into a film of American actors and still not only look clumsy, naive and shy but grows confidence with being a British girl who has a spark of sarcastic humour. LOVE.
Such a wonderful actress and is making headlines as being the next big fashion icon.

Lots of love,

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Josie said...

I'm obsessed with the Adonis boots, but 90 quid is too much. A DIY is a fab idea! If only I had such skills though haha. Love Felicity Jones too, she looks gorge in the D&G make up ads. xx