Sunday, 19 February 2012

D.I.Y/ Pamella Love STYLE necklace

Excuse the geeky glasses. I LOVE THEM.

Hello lovlies!

This is a D.I.Y I did a while ago from the beads I bought off ebay. God bless ebay.
The howlite skulls, I wanted for ages and expected them to be larger but I got 10 and made use of them by stacking them together on wire. The gold spikes were off ebay and THESE I wanted BIGGER. I was very disappointed by the size and even checked the measurements. So, be careful with sizes on ebay.
I still used them as they are very subtle and have a glorious golden sheen.

As a jewellery make/designer, this was a simple D.I.Y and I would even say this would be a D.I.Y for any beginners too!


  • Skulls (your choice of colour and size, personally I would go larger for a more statement piece)
  • Gold spikes (LARGER, Everything is better larger!)
  • Gold chain (I used a vintage chain)
  • Gold wire hoops (To link charms to chain)
  • Gold pins (You use these for dangly earrings. These stack the skulls together)
  • Jewellery Pliers

Step one:

1/ Stack all skulls on gold pins (as many as you have or choose to use) and create a loop and link onto chain with pliers.

2/ Use the gold spikes to link in between the skulls and put on chain with the gold wire loops.


This is such an easy D.I.Y and creates a very statement look.

Lots of love,


Sabrina said...

Awesome,you should sell this.
xoxo Sabrina

Jen said...

this looks great!!
good job.

J x