Thursday, 28 March 2013

Samples galore!?

In college we created samples of seams, pockets and bias binding for inspiration on designing and also so we have the knowledge and know what to do in the future if we ever use these details.

This is a structure pocket which can be found on jeans, trousers, shorts etc... 

The above 2 images are of a fly zip which can also be found on jeans and trousers. I found the fly zip quite complicate to construct! But after doing it once and having wrote down what to do I will be able to get better when I make any garments with a fly zip on. 

These are curved bias binding which were even harder to sew as it is sewn on a curve! I had to be careful to keep the stitch on the bias binding while sewing because I had to feed the bias through on the fabric while curving it at the same time!

the 2 above images are of curved and pointed seams which are found in shirts, shorts and skirts. The pointed seam is mainly found in constructing pockets and I found this the easiest seam to reconstruct. I had to cut notches and triangles out so the seam would lie flat and then I steamed them. 

This is my attempt of bias binding on an edge which was a lot easier than sewing on a curve! Bias binding finishes off a raw edge to give a neat and professional appearance to a garment. Usually found on ready to wear garments. 

This is a jean seam or a flat-felled seam. 

This is my invisible zip which I found hard to construct because you have to make sure the zip is hidden!

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