Saturday, 26 January 2013

Red Face

Hello ladies and guys,

This is a quick outfit post as I am off out to a friends tonight, slumber party ;)
These 'disco-pants-which-arent-so-much-disco-cause-they-are more-leather-but-I-love-them-more' are what a close friend bought me for my birthday and I was saving them for a gig but I couldn't resist wearing them because they are sooo comfy and look HAWT. Yes, I said hawt, I am a dork.
I also cannot stop wearing this top, I love the style of the neck and how it shows part of my shoulders and make my arms look like chicken wings from KFC...
Also the brown jacket in one of the pictures is A DELIGHTFUL BARGAIN I snagged todayy for only £1!!!!!!!
I cannot decide if I should keep or give to my boyfriend...HMM
Oh and I like blurry photos, they distract from my weird pulling faces :)



JessicaElaine. said...

EEEKKK!!! You're wearing them:O Are you not wearing for the gig now or?
You look 'HAWT' (; EHHE! I'm a dork too (; HEHE!!!:D
As if you got it for just ONE POUND:OOOOOO I think Ollie would suit it(; HEHE!:D
I also LOVE your last photo (; the face again, I see (;


S P I R I T W O L F said...

I AM ABSOLUTLY wearing them for the gig but I HAD TO wear them today!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THANK YOU!!!!! pahah yayyy dorks togethz ;)
Nawh tah babs I am weird ;)