Friday, 26 August 2011

What darling buds

Helllo there,
I thought I would post a quick one today as I have just returned from shell island! :)
I purchased these beauties from vetir (quite chavvy but has some decent things ;) for a tenner.
I was quite chuffed with these as I saw them on miss guided for £17.99 and in cream. Cream isn't a great colour or me as I am a little adventurous. hehe.

What do you think?

Also the DIY post will be up tomorow when I have taken photos!!! :D

Lots of lovee,


Sarah-Rebecca said...

I LOVE them! I'm a big fan of wedge heels, and the design is so intricate, it makes them very statement! And score for only getting them for a tenner XD - you really know how to find a bargain Hanna :)

Can't wait to see your DIY post hun! And thank you for your comment on my Dainty Doll makeup, Nicola is awesome!

xx Sarah

Jess.Elaine. said...

I saw them on Miss Guided too! ;O! These are definitely a way better! They're gorgeous! Jess<3