Sunday, 21 August 2011

Versace FOR H&M

60's phycadelic inspired dress by versace


17th Nov 2011.
The day the world really begins.
This is also the very day before the premiere of BREAKING DAWN.
Oh, I believe November will be a glorious month.

Lots of love,

P.S I will be posting a DIY item very soon ;)


Sarah-Rebecca said...

yay! I am writing that date down NOW! wana make sure I save some money to buy some yummy things from H&M - I love the bead ensemble on the model in the 2nd photo :)

oooo, I'm excited for your next DIY post, because you are awesome at it!

xx Sarah

Confessions of a British Bird... said...

BEAUTIFUL isnt it?! Will defo will buying that dressss :D
Thank youuu ahahah xx

Jenny said...

Hey, i luv h&m and yeah im on face book - jennifer darlington theres a lot of jennifer darlingtons in the world :/